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my love of skin started with my love of makeup.

i have been practicing makeup since i can remember.
i was fascinated watching my ma and my nana as a wee one.

upon my teenage years, i was swept away with modeling and every realm of the industry as a whole. i paid attention to details and asked makeup artists all the questions on every set i was hired for. i
asked for makeup and all things beauty for every birthday and every christmas.
I studied and practiced constantly and began booking prom and weddings when i turned 18.

during this time, i also suffered from severe acne.
being a teenager in the 2000's modeling industry and having bad skin = 
a very sad girl who suffered mentally from standards that are now outdated (thank goodness!). the condition lasted well into my twenties with two pregnancies only making matters worse. to top it off......
i scarred......horrendously! (I have since cleared my acne and scarring.)
with all of that being said, I know first hand what it's like to feel completely hopeless and embarrassed about the skin on your face. 

after 3 years at a desk job, i decided to "just go for it" and obtain my aesthetics license to further my success in the makeup industry and aid individuals who struggled with their skin as i had.

i am now 7 years in on my mission to help you look and feel your absolute best......inside and out.....and educate you on what works best for you..
whether it's for skin or for makeup.  after all, they do go hand in hand.

makeup is my first love, but skincare first and always.

trust the process.....and your professionals. ;)



a note from erica

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