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facial treatments

infuse  |  $99  | 1hr

beam beauty's signature facial is a tailored cocktail of nutrient dense skincare customized to your specific skin needs. facial includes extractions if needed 

dermaplane xpress |  $75  | 30min

glow on the go. stand alone dermaplane treatment followed with finishing products.

dermaplane xpress + jelly mask |  $95  | 45min

dermaplane treatment with added benefits of a custom jelly mask.

dermaplane xpress + oxygen infusion + jelly mask |  $120  | 45min

dermaplane xpress + peptide peel + jelly mask |  $120  | 45min

amp up your dermaplane a knotch with an oxygen infusion treatemnt and a jelly mask. the ultimate glow up. 
benefits: minimizes pores, reduces pigmentation, anti-aging, brightening, tightening, increase elasticity, lift + firm, plump,, reduce dullness, reduce fine lines + wrinkles


benefits: anti-aging, brightening, evens skins tone, minimizes fine lines + wrinkles. superficial peel treatment. no down time.

add on treatments

dermaplane | $25
jelly mask | $25
extractions | $20
lash tint | $15


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